Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass For people who have completed their 12th grade schooling, there are numerous work options in Kolkata, the cultural centre of India. Kolkata offers a distinctive synthesis of old values and contemporary goals. It is known for its rich past, intellectualism, and thriving arts scene. We will go further into the world of jobs in Kolkata for 12th pass kids in this post and examine the many industries, career pathways, and growth opportunities offered in this vibrant metropolis.

Opening Doors to Success: Banking and Financial Services Jobs in Kolkata for 12th Passes

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 For those with a 12th grade diploma, Kolkata has a variety of work options in the banking and financial services industries. The banking industry offers a wide range of entry-level professions that can act as stepping stones for a prosperous career, from customer service executives to data entry operators. Kolkata is also home to a number of notable nationalised banks, private banks, and financial institutions, offering plenty of opportunities for growth for people looking for long-term career stability in this sector.

Hospitality and Tourism

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 The city of Kolkata draws a sizable number of tourists each year because of its fascinating history, stunning architecture, and mouthwatering cuisine. As a result, the city’s hospitality and tourist sectors are booming, providing a wealth of work prospects for 12th pass candidates. People can find rewarding professions in this industry working in hotels, restaurants, or travel agencies, where strong customer service, communication abilities, and a love of the city’s history are highly prized.

Retail and Sales

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 Kolkata is a hive of business activity, with lively markets and shopping malls dispersed throughout the city. As a candidate with a 12th pass, you can look into employment options in the retail and sales industry, where your people skills, persuasiveness, and product expertise can have a big impact. The retail sector offers a variety of professions and plenty of prospects for growth and progress, from sales executives to shop managers.

Education and Tutoring

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 Both at the secondary and university levels, Kolkata is recognised for its intellectual institutions. As a candidate for the 12th pass, you can join coaching centres as a subject matter specialist or give tutoring services to the city’s educational community. With a solid foundation in your own 12th-grade topics, you may transfer information, support students in their academic goals, and develop a fulfilling profession at the same time.

IT and Software Development

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 Kolkata has developed into a prominent IT and software development centre in recent years, drawing top businesses in the sector. Opportunities in this industry have multiplied tremendously due to the rising demand for qualified individuals. By enrolling in diploma programmes or earning certificates in sectors like web development, graphic design, or programming languages, you can launch your career in IT and software development as a candidate for the 12th grade. The growing startup scene in Kolkata significantly expands the opportunities in this industry.

Packing & Operations Executive – Jobs in Kolkata for Undergraduate

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 Leading online retailer Flipkart is seeking Packing & Operation Executive candidates for opportunities in Kolkata, West Bengal. To apply for a job with Flipkart in Kolkata, you must be a graduate or have completed your 12th grade.

As a Packing & Operation Executive, you would have the daily responsibilities and duties listed below at Flipkart Partner Warehouses in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Post: Executive, Packing & Operations

Area of Work: Kolkata WB

Education requirements: jobs for 12th grade graduates or undergraduates

Division: Operations – Back office

Industry: Retail Sales on eCommerce

jobs in Kolkata for packing executives

  • To start, you must work in a warehouse performing tasks including packaging, sorting, scanning, loading, and unloading.
  • To oversee and manage packaging activities.
  • Keep an eye on yield losses while packaging.
  • Set up and organise the warehouse in Kolkata, West Bengal, arrange routes, and handle shipments.
  • Quality checking of all incoming materials and upkeep of a report on them.
  • Management of catalogues on various web platforms.
  • Maintaining inventory levels and entering data for products from the warehouse that fall under the Kolkata WB categories and lists.
  • Experience with MS Excel and mailing is preferred.

Application requirements for packing jobs in Kolkata:

  • You must be prepared to participate immediately.
  • If you learn the necessary abilities, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have.
  • Candidates for Jobs in Kolkata, West Bengal, must have completed grades 10th and 12th with a pass or fail.
  • To produce fresh package supply from warehouse, one needs to be familiar with the local area of Kolkata.
  • On days when the demand is heavy, such as during festival sessions or special days, more work may be required.
  • Must perform back-office duties and assume full accountability for warehouse operations.
  • At the time of selection, native or local candidates from Kolkata, West Bengal, would be given preference.

Job Categories: Full-Time, New Hire

Pay: between $15,000 and $20,000 per month.

Timetable: Set shift

Additional Compensation: Overtime Pay

Freshmen are welcome to apply

Working from home: No

How to Apply: Eligible applicants are encouraged to submit the necessary information for an upcoming walk-in interview drive in the Kolkata area. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by email for further discussion.

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As a disclaimer, Employ Alert states that it does not take or solicit any payments as part of the employment process. Please refrain from engaging with shady individuals who offer job opportunities at Flipkart recruiting in Kolkata in exchange for any type of monetary or non-monetary incentives.

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Telesales Executive – 12th pass jobs in Kolkata

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 Reliance JIO recently posted a Telesales Executive job opening in Kolkata for students who have completed their 12th year of high school. Ideal candidates should be well-versed in communication and prepared to work in the contact centre division.

Telesales Executive – Associate is the position.

Voice Call – Customer Support as a category

Work Location: West Bengal, Kolkata A JIO customer service location close by will be assigned to the candidate.

Educational Requirements for JIO Jobs in Kolkata: 12th Pass and Above

JIO Point Manager will receive reports.

Candidate profile desired for the JIO position in Kolkata:

  • A Bengali speaker who has some proficiency in the local language would be ideal.
  • You should also have finished at least the 12th grade.
  • Candidates with and without experience may apply for Reliance Career in Kolkata, West Bengal.
  • Prior experience as a telemarketer, salesperson, or other related position will result in a wage advantage.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and customer service abilities.

Jobs in Kolkata for Associate Tele Sales Executives at JIO:

  • First, participating in training courses to increase product understanding and improve customer service abilities.
  • Resolving client inquiries received through phone, mail, fax, and email. processing incoming calls and recording them in the CRM system.
  • Establish positive relationships with the Kolkata team members and encourage them to give their all at work in order to get the greatest results.
  • Periodically review sales data to make reconciliations and confirm that goals are met as West Bengal-specific goals.
  • Determining the fundamental demands and needs of the customer.
  • Sending and escalating enquiries to the appropriate people and sales departments in Kolkata.
  • delivering exceptional client service.
  • Always react to all West Bengal consumers in a tone and language that is appropriate for their location, including Bengali, Hindi, and English.

How can I apply for telemarketing jobs in Kolkata?

  • If you are from the Kolkata area and want to advance your career with JIO as a telesales agent in the Call-Center Department, you can easily fill out the necessary information and an updated résumé on

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Grount staff 12th pass

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 Urgent Hiring 12th & Graduate Pass Fresher Air-Ticketing Officer & Passport Checking Officer || DIRECT HR CALL (9O73265100) Send your resume to 9O73265100 on WhatsApp. Amit HR

We are seeking candidates for the position of Airport Cargo Handling Staff Customer Service Supervisor for a Leading Domestic/International Airlines- Backend/Operational Executive – Airport || Ground Staff Cargo cargo supervisor || Manager – Customer Relations Executive.

Kolkata Airport is looking for an Air-Ticketing Officer and a Passport Checking Officer.








wage range: 22,600 to 35,600

Airport-related Job Aplay: Kolkata, Siliguri, Durgapur, Asansol, Balurghat, Coochbehar, Malda, Kharagpur, Panagarh, Jhargram, Purulia, Bihar, Jharkhand, Patna, and Pan India as per your preference.

solely in Kolkata for the interview


  1. PF + ESI
  2. With Time and Modification
  3. Appealing personality and effective communication skills
  4. Education: 10th and 12th grade passes

Freshmen with a 10th or 12th grade diploma are welcome to apply as air-ticketing officers and passport checkers at Kolkata Airport.

Please send your CV/Resume and PHOTOGRAPH (Required) to 9O73265100 via mail or WhatsApp (Monday through Saturday).


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Voice Support Executive (Bengali ) Jobs in Kolkata – 12th pass

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 For freshmen with a 12th-grade diploma who are fluent in Bengali, Hindi, or English, Amazon is now hiring for a Bengali Voice Support Executive position in Kolkata, West Bengal. Freshmen can apply online with simplicity.

Post: Freshmen Voice Support Executive

Division: Customer Service

Workplace: West Bengal, Kolkata (The nominee might receive a Kolkata branch in the area)

education: at least a 12th grade pass

Bengali, Hindi, or English is preferred

Pay range: $12,000–$17,000 per month

Candidates who passed the 12th grade and are looking for back office jobs in the Kolkata area for freshmen or telemarketing jobs in Kolkata can apply employment at amazon over here.

Basic requirements for applying to Amazon employment in Kolkata:

  • To begin with, Bengali or English speakers should have great conversational abilities.
  • Must have computer skills and be able to manage telephonic software support.
  • The candidate must be able to manage voice calls from local West Bengal state residents in either Bengali or English.
  • Approach to problem-solving
  • Quick learner who is creative, successful, and driven to provide quality work.
  • Must be prepared to collaborate with the staff at the West Bengal office in Kolkata.

As a Support Executive at Amazon Kolkata, you would use provided scripts to contact new or current customers to advise them about a product or service.

  • Respond to inquiries regarding the company or its products.
  • To close sales in accordance with the needs of Kolkata WB clients, ask inquiries to understand consumer requirements.
  • Answer calls from clients seeking assistance with their problems
  • Respond to clients in the Kolkata region and handle their issues
  • Talk over the phone with the client about any ongoing problems
  • When necessary, refer prospects to the Kolkata field sales team.
  • Update the database with new customer information.
  • Accurately receive and process orders.

How Do I Apply for Fresher Jobs at Amazon?

  • Interested and qualified applicants from the Kolkata area may apply directly at by providing the necessary information and their most recent résumé.
  • You will receive email notification once you are selected for further consideration.

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Shop Staff

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 Shop employees

Details about the position of Shop Staff

Heart 2 Heart is now recruiting for the position of Shop Staff in Kolkata’s Lake Town neighbourhood. Please read the FAQs below for all the information you need about the position being offered.

  1. What compensation should I anticipate?

Ans. A minimum income of 8,000 INR and a maximum of 10,000 INR are reasonable expectations. Your abilities, experience, and performance during the interview will all factor towards the compensation package.

  1. What are the requirements to be eligible to apply for this position?

Ans. Candidates for this position must have completed their 12th grade studies, and their ages range from 1 to 31. To get employed swiftly, you might apply for additional jobs in Kolkata.

  1. Is there a particular talent needed for this position?

Ans. For this position, the applicant needs to be proficient in Thoda English and have strong communication abilities.

Who may apply for this position?

Ans. Candidates of both genders may apply for this position.

  1. Can I do this job from home?

Ans. No, it cannot be done online and is not a work from home job. At apna, you can research and apply for additional work from home positions in Kolkata.

  1. Are any fees or deposits necessary to apply for the position or to join?

No work-related deposits are required while you are still employed by the company.

  1. How do I apply for this position?

Ans. Visit the apna app and submit your application. To set up your interview, click the apply option and call HR immediately.

  1. When is the deadline for applications?

Ans. The deadline to apply for this position is July 4, 2023.

Download the Apna app to locate Full Time jobs in Kolkata and get more information. Jobs are available through apna in 74 Indian cities. Enter NOW

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FAQs about Jobs in Kolkata for 12th Pass

Q1: What are the key skills required to succeed in jobs in Kolkata for 12th pass candidates?

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 Certain vital abilities are essential for 12th pass individuals to succeed in careers in Kolkata. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, good interpersonal skills, adaptability, a working knowledge of computers, and a desire to learn and develop in a fast-paced setting are just a few of these.

Q2: Are there part-time job opportunities available for 12th pass students in Kolkata?

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 Yes, Kolkata gives students with a 12th grade diploma a variety of part-time employment options. Positions in retail, the food and beverage industry, delivery services, teaching, and event management are just a few examples. Students who work part-time gain invaluable work experience, financial independence, and the ability to hone essential skills while pursuing their academic interests.

Q3: How can 12th pass candidates enhance their employability in Kolkata?

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 Candidates for the 12th grade in Kolkata may want to think about enrolling in vocational training programmes, continuing higher education through remote learning, or obtaining certifications that are pertinent to their career. Better job chances may also be attained by developing a strong network through internships, volunteer work, and professional networking platforms.

Q4: Which sectors in Kolkata offer the highest growth prospects for 12th pass candidates?

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 While many industries in Kolkata have bright growth potential, the IT and software development sector stands out because of its explosive growth and high need for qualified workers. Additionally, there are plenty of prospects for job advancement in the banking and financial services sector, the travel and hospitality industry, and the retail industry.

Q5: Are there government job opportunities available for 12th pass candidates in Kolkata?

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 Yes, through several recruitment exams, the government sector in Kolkata provides work possibilities for people who have completed their 12th grade education. Government departments and organisations regularly post job listings for positions including clerks, data entry operators, and customer service agents.

Q6: How can 12th pass candidates prepare for job interviews in Kolkata?

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 Candidates with a 12th pass should research the business and sector, practise typical interview questions and highlight their pertinent experiences and talents in order to be well-prepared for job interviews in Kolkata. A professional appearance, confidence in oneself, and excitement for the position can all leave a good impression on prospective employers.

Conclusion: Embrace the Opportunities

Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023 In conclusion, there are many employment in Kolkata for 12th pass applicants, opening the door to a rewarding and successful career. Kolkata offers a variety of chances for people to develop and succeed, whether they are in the banking sector, the hospitality business, the retail sector, the education sector, or the IT industry. Candidates with a 12th grade diploma might start a fruitful professional adventure in the energetic metropolis of Kolkata by utilising their skills, acquiring more education or training, and maintaining their resolve.

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Jobs in kolkata for 12th pass 2023

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