8 hours security guard jobs near me

8 hours security guard jobs near me


8 hours security guard jobs near me Security is becoming a key concern for both individuals and corporations in the modern world. Having properly educated security guards is essential for safeguarding both people and priceless things. If you’re looking for “8 hours security guard jobs near me,” you’re probably seeking a fulfilling profession that will enable you to have an impact while offering security services in your community. The significance of security guard positions, the advantages they provide, and how to locate the greatest openings in your area will all be covered in this article.

Job Duties of Security Guards

8 hours security guard jobs near me Maintaining the safety and security of various institutions requires security guard positions to be in high demand. Security guards are in charge of preventing theft, upholding order, and responding to emergencies everywhere from office buildings and retail establishments to residential communities and special events. They guarantee the safety of persons and property and serve as a conspicuous deterrence to potential criminals.

Why Choose a Career in Security Guard Jobs?

1. Job Stability and Demand

8 hours security guard jobs near me The strong need for qualified workers in this industry is one of the key benefits of seeking security guard jobs. The demand for skilled security workers is steady despite rising crime rates and security worries. For those looking for 8-hour security guard jobs nearby, this demand guarantees job stability and provides long-term career potential.

2. Diverse Work Environment

8 hours security guard jobs near me Working in various environments is a perk of security guard jobs. Security officers get to work in a variety of settings and with a variety of individuals, whether it is a crowded shopping centre, a busy office, or a music festival. The dynamic workplace environment makes work interesting and promotes individual development.

3. Developing Essential Skills

8 hours security guard jobs near me Gaining abilities that are useful in a variety of other occupations is possible by working as a security guard. A few of the talents that security guards develop on the job include communication, problem-solving, handling conflict, and attention to detail. With these abilities, you may be able to advance your career in law enforcement, private investigation, or risk management.

How to Find 8 Hours Security Guard Jobs Near You

8 hours security guard jobs near me To increase your chances of success when looking for 8-hour security guard jobs nearby, it’s crucial to employ efficient search techniques. Here are some pointers to aid in your search for the greatest opportunities:

1. Online Job Boards and Websites

8 hours security guard jobs near me Online job boards and websites that specialise in security guard positions are excellent places to start. There are frequently a tonne of job listings for security guard roles in your neighbourhood on websites like Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn. Use search criteria to whittle down your possibilities and concentrate on opportunities that match your tastes and skill set.

2. Networking and Referrals

8 hours security guard jobs near me Finding employment prospects, including jobs as a security guard, requires networking. Contact loved ones, acquaintances, and anyone else you know who could know someone in the security sector. Attend industry conferences, become a member of trade organisations, and network with people who can offer advice and career leads.

3. Local Security Companies

8 hours security guard jobs near me Investigate nearby security firms, then get in touch with them to ask about work possibilities. Numerous security companies frequently hire new employees and may have openings right away. It can be easier for you to stand out from the competition by sending your resume and showing your interest in person.

4. Contacting Government Agencies

8 hours security guard jobs near me Security guards are frequently employed by public safety organisations or local police departments for a variety of positions. To learn more about any open roles or upcoming opportunities, get in touch with these organisations. They could offer insightful advice on how to pursue a profession in security.

Security Gaurd

8 hours security guard jobs near me

Hi right away Pay required for security supervisors and guards; -20000 to 26000
Required:- Men and Women

Location: Any Central, Harbour, and Western Thane to CST, BKC, Malad, Goregoan, Jogeswari, Lower Parel until Virar Airoli, ghansoli, turbhe, and Vashi
8- and 12-hour shifts are offered for free.
The facility’s available height is PF/ESIC:- Minimum of 5.5 for men and 5 for women
If expertise of fire and safety offers a good salary and direct employment

Salary Rs : 8.8L-27L Per Year

Apply Now

Urgent required 100 Security Guard for Industrial in mumbai

8 hours security guard jobs near me Security Guard position with immediate opportunity in Mumbai area. 8 hours total of workday. Minimum requirement: not necessary. 15k to 25k in salary, with food and lodging Work type: Full-time

Salary Rs : 18k-41k Per Month

Apply Now

Vacancy URGENT Required Security Guard Pune Aurangabad Mumbai Nagpur

8 hours security guard jobs near me Vacancy URGENT Required Security Guard Pune Aurangabad Mumbai Nagpur duty 8 hours 12 hours rotational shift 9146499309

Salary Rs : 16k-35k Per Month

Apply Now

Security guards, security supervisor, security officer,bouncer

8 hours security guard jobs near me We are seeking candidates with in-depth expertise of security guard for 20 security guard, security supervisor, security officer, and bouncer positions in Rasmada, Chhattisgarh. Secondary school, postsecondary education, and other bachelor’s degrees

Salary Rs : 90k-1.75L Per Year

Apply Now

Security Guard

8 hours security guard jobs near me guard duty for security

Information on the Security Guard position

For the position of Security Guard in Mumbai’s Dahisar East neighbourhood, Sierra Security Services is actively recruiting candidates. Please read the FAQs below for all the information you need about the position being offered.

  1. What compensation should I anticipate?

Ans. A minimum income of 12,500 INR and a maximum of 15,500 INR are reasonable expectations. Your abilities, experience, and performance during the interview will all factor towards the compensation package.

2. What are the requirements to be eligible to apply for this position?

Ans. People between the ages of 0 and 31 years old who have finished at least a 10th grade education are eligible to apply. To be employed swiftly, you might apply for additional jobs in Mumbai.

3. Is there a particular talent needed for this position?

Ans. For this position, the applicant needs to be proficient in Thoda English and have strong communication abilities.

4. Who may apply for this position?

Ans. Candidates of both genders may apply for this position.

5. Can I do this job from home?

Ans. No, it cannot be done online and is not a work from home job. At apna, you can research and apply for additional work from home positions in Mumbai.

  1. Are any fees or deposits necessary to apply for the position or to join?

No work-related deposits are required while you are still employed by the company.

  1. How do I apply for this position?

Ans. Visit the apna app and submit your application. To set up your interview, click the apply option and call HR immediately.

  1. When is the deadline for applications?

Ans. The last date to apply for this job is 21-Jul-2023. For more details, download apna app and find Full Time jobs in Mumbai. Through apna, you can find jobs in 74 cities across India. Join NOW

Salary Rs : 12.5k-15.5 Per Month

Apply Now

FAQs about 8 Hours Security Guard Jobs Near Me

Q: What are the minimum requirements for security guard jobs?

A: Depending on the company and the nature of the position, the particular criteria may change. A high school graduation or its equivalent, being at least 18 years old, passing a background check, and completing any necessary training or certifications are often requirements for applicants.

Q: Is prior experience necessary for security guard jobs?

A: Many security guard jobs offer on-the-job training, even if prior experience can be advantageous. If you meet the prerequisites and exhibit the desired abilities and traits, you can begin a career in security even without prior experience.

Q: Are there opportunities for career advancement in security guard jobs?

A: The security industry does offer prospects for career progression. Security officers can advance into supervisory positions or pursue specialisations in such like executive protection, loss prevention, or security management by acquiring experience, earning further qualifications, and developing leadership abilities.

Q: What is the average salary for security guard jobs?

A: Depending on the location, level of expertise, and duties of the position, security guard salaries can vary. Security officers often make between $30,000 and $35,000 annually. However, depending on a number of variables, this number could change dramatically.

Q: Are there any specific qualities or skills required to excel in security guard jobs?

A: Successful attributes for security guard jobs include having excellent communication skills, attention to detail, physical fitness, and the capacity to remain composed under pressure. Other crucial qualities include being dependable, trustworthy, and possessing a strong sense of integrity.

Q: How can I ensure my safety while working as a security guard?

A: To safeguard the security guards’ safety, employers offer thorough training and safety procedures. It’s crucial to adhere to all regulations, put on the proper safety gear, and instantly report any issues or mishaps. Personal safety depends on being cautious and aware of one’s surroundings.


Investigating 8 hours security guard jobs near you might be a rewarding decision if you’re interested in a profession that blends accountability, community involvement, and a stimulating work environment. By protecting the safety and security of people and property, these positions provide stability, the chance for personal development, and the satisfaction of making a difference. You can locate exciting employment possibilities in your neighbourhood and begin a rewarding career in the security business by heeding the advice given and being proactive in your job search.

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